A San Diego native, Deborah Cañedo is one of Southern California’s most gifted interior designers. Her innate ability to bring together a variety of elements into one cohesive, beautiful design, combined with her strong project management and client service skills sets her apart from others in the field.

Deborah believes in enhancing and celebrating an individual’s personal style. She successfully captures her clients’ individuality by integrating personal tastes with modern interpretations, textures and colors to create an updated, fresh look. Deborah works with a wide range of high-end residential and commercial clients in Southern California. Together with her team of skilled contractors and product experts, she supplies everything needed to ensure that a client’s project or dream home is completed to its exact specifications.

In addition to providing full-service interior design and remodeling services, Deborah buys, renovates and re-sells properties. She approaches property rehabilitation the same way she designs for her clients - by enhancing a property's unique architectural detail with modern interpretations, and celebrating its own individual style.

  • Deborah Cañedo,
  • DCID Owner/Designer